THAI YOGA MASSAGE is a traditional healing art which draws on the many influences which converge in the villages of Thailand. Originally a spiritual practice which was taught and practiced only in Buddhist temples,it is believed to have been brought to Thailand from India along with Buddhism in around the 3rd Century CE. Even today the most important Thai Yoga Massage School in Thailand is at Wat Po, the oldest and most important Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

The link with yoga is quite obvious in two respects: firstly the stretches which the body receives during a Thai Yoga Massage session are very similar to the asanas, or postures, which you would perform in yoga, except that someone else (ie the therapist) is doing all the hard work! Secondly, the massage works with the subtle energies of the body, working to purify and balance the nadis (energy channels) so that the prana (life force, or vital energy) can flow freely in the body. Yoga works with these same energies and subtle structures in the body.

Moira was trained in traditional Thai Yoga Massage at a school run by the Sunshine Network, based in a remote hill tribe village (Huay Nam Rin of the Lahu Tribe) in Northern Thailand. The pictures below are all from that village.


Moira is offering Thai Yoga Massage sessions (approx 1 hour) for just £25.00.

Give her a call if you would like to book a session.