Double exposure image of woman doing yoga asana


28th November 2015

Quite a large part of what we identify with as being “me” is related to the emotions. When we know how we feel about things, we feel that we know ourselves. When we think we know how others will react to events, we attribute ourselves with a degree of “emotional intelligence”. This is valuable information, and we wouldn’t be able to operate as a civilised society without it. Yoga, however, seeks to understand the emotions in a different way, to recognise that these fleeting experiences are not our true selves. In fact, the emotions, whether they produce “good” or “bad” experiences, are seen as disturbing to the mind, and actually¬†prevent us from seeing the truth. As with the experiences produced by the senses, we are not aiming to suppress the emotions, or to deny their value, but simply to see them for what they truly are.

The “Kleshas”, as they are known in Yoga, are what sustain our obsession with sensual gratification – our emotional responses tell us whether we like or don’t like something; in turn this ties our self-identity to the external. In Yoga, we seek to shift that focus to a higher level of understanding about the true nature of “self”.

In this workshop we will consider:

What are the “kleshas”?

How does Yoga help us to understand the emotions?

How can Yoga take us beyond the emotions?



Saturday 28th November 2015

1.30pm to 4.30pm

Marley Hill Community Centre

Cost: £25.00

Email Moira to book your spot:, or send a message via our Contact page