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31st October 2015

We gain great enjoyment from our senses – we live in a world of such wonders, how could we not! Our senses are continually stimulated; every second it seems there is something new to enjoy, another song which touches our heart or makes us cringe, another image which makes us laugh or cry. Everything seems to be telling us that “more is better” when it comes to giving the senses what they want.

In Yoga our aim is to move beyond the senses, to see the true nature of things at a higher level. That’s not to say we shouldn’t enjoy what the modern world has to offer; rather we aim to be able to enjoy it without identifying with it, without thinking it will bring us lasting happiness, without being fooled into thinking the senses will ever be satisfied!

We can’t turn off the senses, but we can focus our attention elsewhere. Pratyahara is one of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga which is quite often neglected. There are very few specific practices which will bring us to this state of mind, disengaged from external stimuli, rather it is something which we can choose to foster from the moment we step onto our Yoga mats. Reaching Pratyahara is to stand on the bridge between the outer and inner practices of yoga, a perfect place from which we can move effectively into meditation and turn our attention to the only thing which can bring us lasting happiness – working directly with mind itself.

In this workshop we will consider:

What is Pratyahara?

How do Yoga practices help us to reach this state of mind?

What do we do once we get there?


Saturday 31st October 2015

1.30pm to 4.30pm

Marley Hill Community Centre

Cost: £25.00

Email Moira to book your spot:, or send a message via our Contact page