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Yoga retreats are becoming more and more popular – so why do we need to retreat?

Most yoga practitioners in the West do not live in Ashrams. Some of us may have been lucky enough to enjoy that experience, maybe just for a short while, but our own culture urban meditationand lifestyles do not facilitate the opportunity, or even cultivate the desire, to do so on a permanent basis; our practice must therefore be interwoven into our daily lives.

By going into retreat we can turn our full attention to our practice without having to even think of the mundane daily matters which usually demand most of our time. A retreat allows you to experience the fruits of this letting-go, leaving you feeling refreshed and regenerated, unlike most of our “holidays” which can actually leave us feeling drained and exhausted!

The experiences we meet in retreat are an inspiration, a glimpse, a revelation of the full benefits of our practice so that we can have confidence in our efforts to bring yoga fully into our daily lives, to establish habits which will create a life of purpose and lasting happiness, prosperity and freedom.

This is time which is truly for you.  In late winter / early spring in particular we can feel sluggish and slightly depressed after so long in the dim days of winter. We can use the opportunity of a retreat to not only recharge our batteries but also to be skillful in setting our intentions for the year, particularly regarding how we can establish the habits which will enable yoga to transform our daily lives.

Go on…. re-treat yourself!